Is Paul Pogba worth £89 million?

Paul Pogba, the current worlds most expensive player! Is he worth £89 mill or not?

Kante £30 mill, Gündogan £26 mill, Pjanic £28 mill, top midfielders that moved clubs for less than half the price of Pogba! But, on the other hand Andrè Gomes £30 mill, Joāo Màrio £34 mill, Renato Sanches £30 mill, Paul Pogba is 5x the player they are so, is he worth 5x the price?

Paul Pogba, unfortunately, always gets compared to CAM’s not CM’s. Paul Pogba has got 9 goals and 6 assists in 51 appearances which isn’t great at all, but, you can’t always look at stats. Paul Pogba has been great this season for Manchester United. He has controlled games, created opportunities and was in contention for Manchester United’s player of the year yet he wasn’t worth £89 mill.

The transfer market is in a horrible state at the moment, with prices risings and premier league clubs having to spend more because the clubs know they have money because of the huge TV deal. This makes the clubs over spend and makes the premier clubs not needing to spend.

I personally think in 5 years time we will look back at Paul Pogba’s price tag of £89 million and think it’s a bargain just like Ronaldo’s 80 million price tag is a bargain in 2017.


I rounded the prices from